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Manish Naik
Manish Naik is the founder of Dynamic Learning. He is an alumnus of Columbia Business School (INM XXXVI) and Harvard Kennedy School (HKSEE 09). Manish holds a master’s from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), Mumbai. He has been an experienced training professional and a visiting faculty at leading management schools in Mumbai like JBIMS and NMIMS.

Earlier in his career Manish has also headed a leading 40-year-old facility management firm as its Group CEO, and has been the COO of an ad agency. He also serves on the boards of some nonprofits.

Manish is a former Indian army combat veteran who was wounded in action in J&K, and has fought on the Siachen Glacier, the world’s highest battlefield. With two decades of experience across an amalgam of corporate, military, and academic space, he brings in a cutting-edge, real-world experience to training. With a versatile industry experience in advertising and consulting, Manish specializes in personal leadership, case based learning, communication effectiveness, career management, personal branding, and strategic management among other things.

Over the years, he has advised major financial institutions, banks and telecom companies on issues like communication, corporate grooming, and crisis management, written for strategy journals and publications, and has addressed senior management at corporate speaking events.

M Jahanara
M Jahanara started her career with manufacturing and QC, and later moved on to closely understanding the human element at work. In addition to her QC and R&D responsibilities, she actively interacted with workers and unions on reconciliation and behaviour issues. She specialised in organization behaviour and communication, in spearheading nonprofits.

An Associate Director with a nonprofit foundation, she heads its vocational training setup in central Mumbai, and also teaches Human Resources, Organization Behavior and Communication Skills for B-School students. She has expertise in business negotiations and teaching life skills to the disadvantaged along three verticals: women and children, healthcare, and education. She is an alumnus of Columbia Business School (INM XXXVI) and has been trained at Harvard Kennedy School on strategy (HKSEE 10). 

Probal DasGupta
Probal is a leadership and management professional with a master’s degree from Columbia University (SIPA 07), where he was a JN Tata scholar and a Braun-Myers fellow. He has over 16 years of leadership experience and global exposure across policy and corporate spheres.

Probal has worked with global and Indian corporate firms, governments and has extensive experience in managing high risk insurgency situations. He specializes in global business effectiveness, negotiation skills, international communication and etiquette, case-based learning, and speed-leadership among other subject matter expertise. Probal has been a contributor to leading Indian newspapers, Ivy League journals and a speaker at corporate workshops on public policy, leadership and risks management. He has served with the Gorkha Rifles in the Indian army, and has led counter insurgency operations in Kashmir and northeast India.

Probal has been a research associate with two former US ambassadors at Columbia, and has worked with leading consulting firms in New York. He is an associate trainer with Dynamic Learning.   

Komal Paralkar
Komal Paralkar heads the IT and MIS functions of a leading crisis management and learning solutions firm. Besides being an IT expert, she is also a subject matter expert on overseas studies, career transitions, and career advancement strategies for working women. Komal is a graduate engineer, and MS from USA.   

Amit Prabhu 
Amit Prabhu is a marketing and leadership expert, and is embodied in national service from time to time as a Captain in the Territorial Army. He brings in real-time, real-world leadership inputs to the classroom learning.     

Cyrus Gonda
Professor Cyrus Gonda is a noted management professor specializing in CRM and sales training. He has over two decades of stellar experience in the industry and academia, including overseas experience in the hospitality sector. Prof Gonda has authored a few management books to include titles; “Seal the hole in the bucket; and Where is my ketchup?” He is a member of MENSA, and a prolific reader. 

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